3D Print Conference opened opportunities of the world of 3D technology for Kazakhstan

05/06/2014 - 11:03

On 29 May 2014 Almaty hosted a unique event - the first conference of advanced 3D printing and scanning technology 3D Print Conference that brought together industry professionals from around the world to demonstrate capabilities of innovative technologies.

Almaty conference attracted public attention and showed that interest in such activities in Kazakhstan is big enough.

3D Print Conference made many visitors realize that a future when three-dimensional technology becomes an essential attribute of business is not fiction, but a reality.

Conference program included presentations and workshops about the present and the future of 3D technology, investments in the industry and important spheres of application of three-dimensional printing and scanning. For the first time in the history of Kazakh innovation industry conference brought together leading experts, professionals, developers and enthusiasts seeking to expand their competence in 3D printing and scanning.

Thus, conference attendees could listen to the following reports at 3D Print Conference: Anton Vedeshin (Chief Engineer, Secured3D, USA), Nurmukhamet Kanture (founder of 3D Print Technology), Desmond Adair (associate professor, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan), Rinat Abdrazakov (CTO Konica Minolta, Kazakhstan), Matvey Bondar (design engineer of online 3D printing service Prototypster), Anatoliy Borovikov (Fabricator, Kazakhstan) and Vasil Zakiev (navigator\campus, Russia).

Also as a part of 3D Print Conference master classes by Tatiana Shagova ("Contemporary history of 3D printing") and Igor Krimskiy ("3D scanning: Trends 2014") were held.

In the demonstration zone of the conference experts scanned and printed various 3D shapes and details. Innovative equipment was provided by companies 3D Print Technology (Kazakhstan), PICASO 3D (Russia), Cybercom (Russia) and Cubic Prints (Russia).

Conference provided insightful reports and visitors were able to get valuable information about all the processes related to 3D printing and scanning.

For the innovative market of Kazakhstan 3D Print Conference was the first experience related to 3D technologies.

Anton Vedeshin (Chief Engineer Secured3D, USA), who has specifically attended the conference to share his experiences with Kazakh students, stressed that Kazakhstan could become an ideal country to implement business ideas using 3D technologies. The speaker also told about the potential of the CIS countries and abroad, who are also in need of such events.

"Popularization of 3D technology in Kazakhstan and investments in this industry - these are our main goals. We received a lot of comments. We will study all points of view to make the next event even better, more ambitious and interesting. We are confident that innovative market of Kazakhstan will grow, so we plan to continue working towards it," Shamzhi Mares, coordinator of the program, said.

Summarizing the event, we can obviously state that following various innovations our lives are getting enriched with 3D technologies that are some of the most impressive and promising business areas.

Therefore, conference organizer "Smile Expo" intends to expand the horizons of such events and promote the implementation of business ideas using 3D technologies not only in Kazakhstan but also in other countries.

So, on 4 September 2014 conference of advanced 3D printing and scanning technology 3D Print Conference will be held in Kiev, in the conference hall of hotel "Cosmopolite" (6 Vadym Hetman street). The mission of the conference is to answer all questions related to 3D printing technologies that are now used in various industries and are competitive and cost efficient.

See you soon!