29th of May 2014

Conference hall of "Kazakhstan" hotel
Dostyk Avenue, 52/2
Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies conference

The aim of the conference is to introduce visitors to present innovative 3D printing technologies that are being used nowadays in the different sectors of industry and prove to be more competitive and cost efficient.



The aim of the conference is to introduce visitors to present innovative 3D printing technologies that are being used nowadays in the different sectors of industry and prove to be more competitive and cost efficient.

Conference participants are: Exhibition visitors are:
  • personal 3D printing units manufacturers;
  • industrial 3D printers manufacturers;
  • 3D scners manufacturers;
  • software developers;
  • components, materials and accessories manufacturers.
  • artists,
  • jewelry designers,
  • software developers,
  • business owners,
  • venture capitalists,
  • marketers,
  • project managers,
  • designers,
  • cookery specialists,
  • healthcare professionals and a lot of other people.

 If you have any questions, suggestions, write us 

Our doors are open for anyone interested in the advanced 3D printing technologies!

Become a speaker
Tatiana Shagova
PR manager

Matvey Bondar
The engineer-designer, 3D modeler

Nurmukhamet Kanture
3D Print Technology

Graduated Bachelor’s programme in international English-speaking University KIMEP with a degree in finance and management, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Worked as auditor in t international audit company Delloite. Held position of finance manager for oil and gas companies. Took active part in IPO on London Stock Exchange. In 2013 he established 3D Print Technology, it is actively developing and implementing system of 3D prototyping in Kazakhstan.

"3D Print Technology" is an exclusive representative in the Republic of Kazakhstan on implementation of 3D printing and scanning. Main activity of the company is implementation of 3D printing in the field of education, architecture, construction and medicine.

Prof. Dr. Desmond Adair
Nazarbayev University
Associate Professor

Desmond Adair holds a PhD in Aerodynamics from Imperial College, London. He spent a number of years working as a Senior Aerospace Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffat Field, California and at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, England. He has also completed research positions at the National Institute of Science and Technology, Washington DC, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Silver Springs, Maryland and with the Royal Navy. Dr. Adair has worked for British Aerospace in the roles of Senior Aerospace Engineer and Senior Aeroscience Instructor and with the United Arab Emirates Defence Forces as an advisor. Before coming to Nazarbayev University, Dr. Adair was a Senior Lecturer with the University of Tasmania, Australia, and still holds the position of University Associate with their School of Engineering.


BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, MEd in Curriculum Studies, PhD in Fluid Mechanics Imperial College London.

Job History

Aerospace Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California, Senior Research Engineer at National Physical Laboratory and British Aerospace.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Chartered Engineer (CEng), American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeSoc), American Association of Engineering Education (AAEE), Société Européenne pour la Formation Ingénieurs (SEFI)

Igor Krimsky
Cybercom Ltd


Магистр техники и технологии по специальности «Компьютерное моделирование сварочных процессов», 2000 – 2006 г., МГТУ им. Баумана
Инженер-экономист по специальности «Организация предпринимательской деятельности», 2005-2007 г., МГТУ им. Баумана


Профессиональная деятельность:

2005 г. Менеджер по продвижению технологии реал-тайм 3D-визуализации объектов недвижимости. ООО «Центр кибернетики и автоматики»

2005 – н.в. Технический директор ООО «НИЦ кибернетики и автоматики

Illarion Ovcharov
Konica Minolta Kazakhstan
Sales Manager

Anatoly Borovikov

Anton Vedeshin
Secured 3D Estonia

Anton Vedeshin – CTO at Secured3D, IT PhD pending in Cloud Computing, Security and Data Mining (Tallinn University of Technology). Has developed software since the age of 11, co-founder and team lead of Innovative Technologies & Business Systems since 2005. Anton is a member of National Doctoral School in Information and Communication Technologies. Lecturer of Cloud Computing course at Tallinn University of Technology.
Vasil Zakiev

Закиев Василь, в 2008 году создал молодежный бизнес клуб «Навигатор», крупнейшее объединение молодых предпринимателей Поволжья, в 2010 году создал юридическую компанию iLex, которая сейчас специализируется на оказании услуг в сфере интеллектуальной собственности и интернета.

В 2011 году организовал первые в Казани StartupPoint и Startip Weekend. С 2011 по 2012 год работал Казанском ИТ-парке - технопарке, который три раза становился лучшим технопарком России по версии Минкомсвязи. Был в команде создателей бизнес-инкубатора Казанского ИТ-парка, участвовал в строительстве Челнинского ИТ-парка и создании бизнес-инкубатора Челнинского ИТ-парка. В 2011 году основал стартап "Штрафы ГИБДД" и с двумя сооснователями развивает его до настоящего времени. Руководитель и основатель первого в России частного хардварного технопарка «Навигатор кампус», основатель ангельского фонда «Навигатор фонд».


Olga Berezhnova
Cybercom Ltd

Results 2014
Anton Vedeshin
CTO / Co-founder Secured 3d

3D Print Conference in Almaty was an amazing event! People may ask, what special is about 3D printing in a developing country such as Kazahstan? Developing countries sometimes adopt and drive innovative technologies like 3D printing even faster than the reachest countries - Kazahstan and 3D Print Conference is a very good example.

Most of the speakers were 3D printing business owners, so participants got a firsthand message. As soon as 3D printing is not binding businesses to a special location, anyone, anywhere in the world can make successfull 3D printing business and the rest can utilize all the benefits. For a long time designers, prototyping bereaus and inventors experienced a huge void in rapid manufacturing, as before you could produce parts in a fully automatic way only in a number of developed countries, now it is a time when anyone, anywhere can bring his/her idea to the market in a matter of days.

3D printing and distributed manufacturing is conquering the world! Smile Expo did a great job organizing the event where professionals from different parts of the world could share experiences and ideas.

Many thanks to Smile Expo!

Olga Berezhnova
Commercial director of Cybercom Ltd

I thank Smile Expo Company for great event organization, and I think that it has been an important occasion for promoting 3D in Kazakhstan. Business representatives, students, and journalists learned a lot of interesting and useful information which will positively influence them in the future!

Railia Muhamadeeva

Three-dimensional technology is no longer luxury but daily business!

Tatiana Shagova
Picaso 3D. Marketing and PR specialist

Thank you very much for such a fun and productive event! On behalf of all our company I would like to thank all the organizers for the  emotions we have experienced!

Confrence hall of "Kazakhstan" hotel
Dostyk Avenue, 52/2
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